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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Crunkcore , Christian rock , electronica. Dance or Die EP Dance or Die Google John Todd, who is ex-illumanti. He talks about how the occult controls the music industry. We need to be aware and not be deceived. Cassius Clay.

Google that name. He's making a boxing reference. Cassius Clay is Muhammed Ali. So be as shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves. I heard this Ill-Am-I song and was immediately shocked, I had to look this up to confirm my suspicions. I do believe that some of his music to not be worshiping God, who cares if it is a remake. A remake of an evil thing is still evil. This "Unknown" has hit it right on the head.. Travis, is trying to deceive, or is being deceived, as well as some of the other posters in here. Trust in Jesus and he will lead you to truth.

TobyMac didn't even write the song. I can't. I goughd them out because they reminded me too much of the illuminati. That's not even possible because if someone was really following Jesus they wouldn't cover a satanic song. You need to accept the truth Peter Hanna, and the reason you can't is because you're a pagan Christian.

Get out of Christianity and go follow God with the full truth. The gospel industry is a demonic industry and the illuminati controls and runs Christianity. Don't be deceived, wake up. I was listening to "Ill-M-I" and the lyrics really caught my attention I hope Toby isn't down with this illuminati stuff too!!!

Those who really want to hear the truth will recieve it as long as they're heart and mind are open! Seek and ye will find right?! Don't be decieved just because this man or any other person calls themselves a "Christian" anyone can call themselves that! If Toby Mac is straight up singing a song about illuminati comin through He's straight up telling you! And don't you think satan is going to work extra hard in the church? I mean he already has the rest of the world so he's trying to bring the so called christians down to follow him as well!

Just open your eyes and don't be decieved! Research everything and ask the holy spirit for guidance in all that you do! Something is way off with Toby Mac. I've seen several interviews of him on YouTube and it looks like he is under mind control from the illuminati. They have sinister ways to control people in media and the music and entertainment business to bring about their evil new world order agenda and are using people as pawns.

If you are a true fan, and more importantly, a true believer in Jesus Christ.. No one really knows what is in Toby Mac's mind There are things that other people misinterpret People see it as an illuminati thing of singing and we didn't see what is inside Toby Mac's heart and mind People are judging that Toby Mac is Satan's disciple and no one ever knows that deep inside Toby Mac's heart and mind he was praising God The question here now is "What if God sees Toby Mac's songs praises Him because God knows the pure intention of Toby Mac while other people are busy judging him?

Who has the better gain in heaven? No one really knows There are also heavy metal christian bands who are devoted in praising God.. Does anyone know what kind or Genre of Song God likes? This verse may apply to the forum's replies: Matthew "Judging others" And if Toby Mac is really really serious and he did it with all his heart and soul but he is not pleasing to the eye of God we all know that God will make a way to straighten him up.

Even Jonah who was instructed by God to travel to Nineveh but he refuses but still God makes a way to straighten him up If Toby Mac is really one of the disciples of God, God will make a way to straighten him up The whole section of Matthew 7 has to do with people judging other people critically without judging themselves first. It doesn't have to do with looking at the fruit of the person's life and seeing what kind of fruit we are seeing which determines something about the person's heart.

In Toby Mac's songs, we see two different types of fruit. Since these two fruits contradict each other, either Toby Mac is double minded possibly due to mind control programming if he is a victim of being born in an illuminati family or he believes in two, totally different philosophies in life which ultimately is impossible to do. So there are two possibilities. One of them is that he has multiple personalities something that happens to people from Illuminati homes or he is trying to please with his music two different people groups Christian and satanic.

Since we don't have all the facts yet, all of us are pondering what the problem could be. It's not intended to 'judge' Toby Mac, but to help protect the Christian community at large. Perhaps we should all be praying for Toby Mac, that God will work in his heart, whether to redeem him, or to help him to choose between the two belief systems that he possibly believes in.

It is possible that he has multiple personalities and needs God's help in a way that human beings can't give. Perhaps Toby is infiltrating the Illuminati? Lady Gaga, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Bey, Jay Z, Perry, Minaj, Lambert, list goes on and on - google it for yourself , His music is committed to praising Jesus, I say props to him if he is using that imagery but major woe to him if your conspiracy theory turns out to be true. If his music were committed to "praising Jesus", he sure has forgetting to literally praise him because Jesus's name is quite absent from his music.

So I don't know what god he's praising, but it is definitely not Jesus. Ya'll people need to get out of Christianity, the gospel industry is straight wicked and demonic. In the gospel industry you have to break God's laws and promote the false image of Jesus that they show in the Catholic church. God is telling me to tell everyone that you need to leave that satanic religion of Christianity. Toby Mac and many other " Christian" artists in the music industry are not infiltrating the illuminati.

They own the entire industry. These artists are doing the bidding of their masters, the producers.

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They are making money and being mainstreamed into secular society to make more money for themselves and their masters. The Evil will take your money and your soul anyway they can get it. The mind control issue could very well be relevant here, or greed and the realization that he just won't get those contracts and get on the radio unless you play their game could be it also. It works both ways. People Jesus warned us that in these days it will be next to impossible to tell! Our churches are lukewarm now serving a false Christ, when was the last time you heard repent, fear God, or you will burn in hell?

God has said come out of her my people. Many, many "religious" figures that people think are good true followers of Christ, are really following the satanic agenda. Study the truth about Billy Graham, and every single television "pastor".

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This stuff runs deep, so deep you never seem to find an end to it once you start real research. It is hard to face these facts, but remember the road is narrow. Read your Bible and watch as it tells us to the spirit will guide you to truth. Ye will know them by their fruits. God Bless. And you my friend are tje poison of the internet that probably calls their daughter dirty for having her first period. You do realize that if you bring children up with this sort of view point on everything then your gonna lose out on grand children cause your a loony amd pissed off your kids or because your kid sadly picked up the same process as you.

Matt Spiritual things are discerned spiritually.


I pray for those who are still being blinded and cannot find the will to travel to the bible and find out the truth for themselves as Paul bids us to do. Bahahaha people like you are why I am atheist. You take a simple ploy and moderning marketing and turn it into a huge religious debate. I enjoy tobymac's music and am not religious but can tell you, the man is backing god. As for the ridiculous claims on other artist like katy perry and kanye w. Well like i said, simply a marketing ploy used to create interest from others.

So no Illuminati are not back. And even if they were, pagan religion is not "demon" based, simply more then one god. No different from alot of indian cultures. And saying you know where bands like slayer and marylin manson stand? Your joking right? Marylin is an artist who's target audience is emotional down trodden kids.

Slayer is simply heavy rock. The two really shouldn't be lumped in the same catagory. Guys just because of one strange song we're jumping to conclusions. List goes on lets go to "hey devil. Ill m i is confusing but he ecplained its mmaking fun of pharisees who think they are above everyone. Get uour mind out of the gutter people the illuminati will never compare to the glory of God and the message of his artists. I don't know that we are trying to judge Toby Mac necessarily.

There is a strange inconsistency in the songs he sings and the messages on his album covers. What we want to find out is what is he really trying to say and do. We don't have enough information to come to a conclusion, and there could be many different reasons of why he is doing this. It isn't just one song. His album covers have illuminati symbols on them. The illuminati are a secret group that worships the devil. That is what is puzzling about what Toby Mac is doing.

Why would anyone openly sing a song about the illuminati? It doesn't have anything to do with promoting Christ or the Gospel, like his other songs seem to do, but it would have the opposite effect of glorifying the devil. People that are in the illuminati have multiple personalities. I don't know. I wish I could get some kind of explanation from him about this. I'm not going to say that Toby Mac is a satanist, but neither am I going to say that he is a Christian at this point. I don't know what he is, except that he sings some really good Christian songs, and he sings a song about the illuminati, and has illuminati symbols on his albums.

I haven't read through all of the posts on this subject, but some people have suggested that I write to Toby Mac and ask him why he is doing these things. Has anyone written to him yet? We need to be careful that we don't come to any definite conclusions until we know all the facts. There is a reason why he is doing what he is doing. We just don't know what it is. Could it be that if someone brought this to his attention, that perhaps he would look at what he is doing and repent, or, maybe he will come right out and say what it is that he really believes in.

All we can do is speculate until we really know what his heart and understanding of all this is. That's the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati and the triangles are their symbol too. Since I didn't know what the illuminati was What better way to do that? To hear from Toby Mac himself. Remember - the devil uses lies, deceit, and slight-of-hand to fool good people with good intentions I am not even a fan of his.

And for my last paradoxical thought - isn't all the conjecture in this blog very similar to how the Pharisees worked back in Jesus' day? So while I am not casting stones at anyone on this blog, rather I am encouraging everyone to not participate in the heresay, and get the facts based upon the truth before you conjecture in a public forum. Cheers and God Bless! I hope your a better parent then that. It is true, god has shown me of my wicked ways and I repented to him and by his amazing grace he forgave me of my past heart.

God has shown me, Lucipher has shown me that he uses the music industry to dull the minds of the deaf and blind. I was blind and deaf to it as well, I just thank god for showing me the way of his Charity, his love is so great times when these things happen we must have faith and read our bibles, and love, and praise and worship him for we know when we walk with God what is right and what is wrong. Why would he admit that he's with the Illuminati?

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He would lose his Christians fans. Think about it. The answers he gives are just excuses to cloud the truth. We as christians are to obstain from the appearance of evil. Those who are in the Industry and deny they know what the Industry is about and whom they represent They are either deceived or being deceptive. You will know them by their fruit.

Be Not Deceived. Your adversary the devil, Satan, is not out to only deceive, manipulate, torture and the likes.. Ezekiel They are to teach my people the difference between the holy and the common and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean. Don't reject the knowledge of Jesus brought to you through Toby Mac.

You are saying he is taking on the appearance of evil. Explain to me how an eye is evil? Explain to me how the Illuminati is evil? Explain to me what you think evil is? When John in Revelations saw his visions what do you think he saw it through? A spiritual eye is to see the spiritual world. Both good and bad. I think this Illuminati stuff is interesting but ever single thing claimed to be facts for proving their power and control is completely stretched facts and coincidences making them fit the scenarios.

It's the same illogical and manipulative path the cheap psychics use to claim they know things about you to make you believe they can predict your future. It's psychological hogwash. Your stuck in a conspiracy theory rut. The devil knows the power of God. He will not entrust any humans with his plans. He knows that could potentially backfire on him if God decides to call that person He died for.

I think there is groups out there thinking they are controlling the world and making a new world order and they get a high from the prospect of being important and having a signifigant meaning. And, I think there are people out there thinking they have the inside information on the powerful people in the world, or the knowledge of some secret societies, and getting a high from that. I don't think it's Lucifer I think it's Ludicrous I don't know if you know his song "Hey Devil", but I'm pretty sure that qualifies as speaking out against this stuff, and I believe that it was completely intentional that he came out with a song about this after the Ill-M-I controversy and by the way, yeah "enlightened ones" was the intention of illuminati in this context, making a sarcastic comment about the Pharisees That's why you aren't supposed to look at the person but listen to the message of the songs So don't follow the artist but follow the good message he gives of the love of Christ and the hope we find in him against the crazy tricks of this world.

I really hope hes not part of it. I stopped lisrening to mainstream pop music and predominately listen to christian music. I like quite a few songs of his and would be very dissapointed in him. He seems like he would know its not worth it. This being once knew heaven's best, but overcome with pride Was then expelled because he said, "I'll be like the most high. The words will speak of mystic arts, rebellion, death, perversion, Hatred, lust-they'll all be part of one great mass subvesion "It's music will have equal power, strains which oft repeat, Sometimes 'twill come in mellow form, sometimes with driving beat.

Our strategies won't need to change, nor even will our style, To get the church folk we'll just paint a new face with a smile. And once inside they hear of love, of Jesus and salvation, Sprinkled here and there midst Satan's driving syncopation. They quote the Bible for their gain, supposing gain is godly, And as young sould slip into Hell, they pat their checkbooks fondly. So has the church been mesmerized, by Satan rocked to sleep; The fields are white, it's harvest time, and who'll awake to reap? But very soon will God arise in righteous judgement fury, There will be none to stay His hand, no case by trial and jury.

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You've sung another Jesus and a gospel that's not true, I'm not just love and mercy, I am wrath and judgement, too. I was really sickened when I learned about him. If he truly loved Jesus, he wouldn't do what he does. He would avoid the very appearance of evil as mentioned above. Study the illuminati, that he sings about. He is mocking the naive tht don't see it. It is horrible. I believe that he is probably one of the mk programmed to infiltrate the Christian church to destroy. Clearly a child of God is known from his fruits Anyway it's the devils work. Watch out an ask for God's grace to save you from such His hat is tilted the shadow covered an eye, big deal sometimes in my picture I put my hand on my chest.

That doesn't mean I'm illuminati. You believe everything you read dont you? Tell me there not christians I will find you track you down and jack slap you. Have a blessed day. Yes, quite often you can. And you will know them by their fruits. Jesus warned not to be deceived by false prophets. And if you've studied to show yourselves approved, then you'd know that nearly every letter in the New Testament gives a warning not to be deceived by false prophets and teachers.

Toby Macquire claims he's making fun of Pharisee types in his song. But then, claims it's not his song? And why is that supposed intent so vague and misunderstood by most? Jesus was very direct No one could misinterpret His accusations against the Pharisees.

And He approached them in obedience to His Father in heaven. Are some people really going to compare Toby to Jesus? Is Toby really directly accusing Pharisees of being whitewashed tombs? Or perhaps he is the whitewashed tomb. Is our heavenly Father directing him to sing remakes of worldly songs or use strange symbols to Well I don't know. I would question, is this really of God? The Pharisees couldn't see who Jesus was because they Never knew God; however many of those questioning Toby are not judging as a Pharisee.

They know God because they know Jesus. And they have the Holy Spirit. Jesus plainly warned not to be deceived. The Only way to do that is to ask the Holy Spirit of truth to reveal truth, and to "have your senses trained to discern right from wrong" or good from evil. Deception is obviously not obvious. So, one must do whatever they must to discern the truth! BTW, it's common for occult players to come to message boards to continue the deception.

Don't be deceived. Okay honestly this is pretty immature. Do you honestly believe the God of everything would let Tobymac prosper in the Christan music industry?

No if Tobymac was to be whorrshipping the devil then why would he sell out of almost every single concert that he songs at? God would definetly stop it. He is God of the universe he wouldn't let this happen. God is the God of the universe but the prince of this world is satan. He has the power to prosper those who would do his bidding.

Read the temptation of Jesus. He was very happy to have spent his money on a Toby Mac Cap. Tonight my Daughter sat staring at his cap, with a very startled look on her face. On the lid of the cap is a very large graphic of the all seeing eye.. This is wrong, this whole page is wrong except for those who support TobyMac! TobyMac does not use his music to worship Satan, nor does he use it to hate on God. In reality, you need to listen to some of his other music.

Well I can say without a doubt, I've never had it figured out. I'm thankful for you, yeah! Like he said, it's all about setting people free with his music. I do agree we should look at the world with a critical eye and ask God for a discerning heart. In my opinion, the music industry is more like the time of Moses; he led his people to break out of Egypt. We too as a people are called to break out from this Babylonian System.. Quit judging for the day of the Lord is near.

Here in America the church has grown so mundane because of bigotry; doctrines, post modernism, mass media, consumerism; technology, Easter egg hunts? Let the Word of God speak! Our God is greater!

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We, as His people, wrestle not against flesh and blood Ephesians so posting a blog and judging a book by its cover is very tricky and misleading to those who are weak on the faith and to those who are new. Please take note I'm not here to impose a conflict but appeal to the brethren. I do feel that we are to be gentle and show mercy to those who fall Galatians which in this case we all are in need when we fall right?

Matthew and as His church guided by their Sheppard Psalm and humbly work together in His Body. Praise Jesus! Let his work be judged rightly before God. For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice 4. One Month holiday fully paid to your dream tourist destination. One year Golf Membership package 6. P treatment in all Airports in the World 7. A total Lifestyle change 8. Access to Bohemian Grove 9. You guys are insane XD How else was he gonna respond to the question?

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Today i am proud to say I am a very wealthy, famous and highly protected man. Please if you want to be extremely rich, famous, protected and want a settled generation, or you want to end well in life because you are already rich, and want to protect your investment and future. And if you wish to contact the brotherhood via the email from any part of the world our official email is illuminatikingdom56 gmail. Make your dreams come true today contact us via e-mail Douglasaethurworld outlook. Do you want to be a member of Illuminati brotherhood so that you canbeu rich for ever and it can also make your name famous and powerful to control people in high places in the world.

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Hello brothers of the light, i want to share my shot testimony on how i became a member of the great brotherhood of the illuminati. This was how I became a member of the brotherhood of illuminati. This energy bloggers and vloggers are using to tarnish gospel musicians should be used to spread the gospel in countries such as China,india and those budhist countries or even teach people about christ. We look to the gospel in the music and not what the person who sang has done. If the music has gospel of our lord Jesus Christ i will ofcourse listen to it and praise through it.