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Hmm mungkinkah ini hormon tumbesaran remaja Amerika? Posted by Unknown at PM 5 comments. Labels: miley cyrus , miley cyrus nude.. Ketua Penguatkuasa Maritim Daerah KPMD , Kepten Maritim Anor bin Hj Jaafar berkata, bot jongkong tersebut yang bergerak dari kampung Titingan, Tawau itu telah ditahan dan pemeriksaan mendapati juragan berumur 57 tahun merupakan warganegara Malaysia dan seorang awak- awak warganegara jiran hanya mengemukakan dokumen pengenalan pelaut untuk warga asing. Dokumen muatan yang ditunjukkan juga meragukan pihak APMM iaitu muatan lebih kurang tong gas berisi penuh yang disyaki untuk dibawa masuk ke Pulau Sebatik melalui kampung Sungai Melayu adalah tidak sama seperti yang dinyatakan di dalam dokumen.

APMM akan terus menjalankan tugas-tugas penguatkuasaan di perairan Sabah khususnya perairan Tawau bagi menyekat kegiatan penyeludupan daripada terus berlaku. APMM turut berharap orang ramai dapat menjadi mata dan telinga supaya kegiatan ini dapat diatasi. Labels: apmm , maritime , tawau. Datuk Dr. Awang Adek memulakan kerjaya sebagai pensyarah ekonomi di Universiti Sains Malaysia pada tahun Beliau juga pernah memegang beberapa jawatan di Bank Negara Malaysia sebelum dilantik ke jawatan Penolong Gabenor dari tahun hingga Awang Adek telah dilantik sebagai Senator dari tahun hingga Posted by Unknown at AM 1 comments.

Labels: awang adek hussin , duta malaysia ke usa , USA. He has held various positions in Bank Negara Malaysia before being promoted to the post of Assistant Governor from to Awang Adek was appointed as a Senator from to All the best Awang Adek. Labels: amerika syarikat , awang adek hussin , duta malaysia ke usa , USA.

APMM Tawau tahan 19 nelayan warga asing. Ketua Penguatkuasa Maritim Daerah KPMD , Kepten Maritim Anor bin Hj Jaafar berkata, 18 warga asing dalam lingkungan 16 — 52 tahun dan seorang awak- awak di percayai warganegara Malaysia berumur 24 tahun telah ditahan untuk pengesahan dokumen diri manakala yang lain kerana gagal mengemukakan sebarang dokumen pengenalan diri yang sah. Orang ramai diminta memberi kerjasama dengan menyalurkan maklumat bagi sebrang aktiviti yang mencurigakan berlaku di perairan Sabah khasnya Tawau menerusi talian atau hotline APMM Daerah maritim Tawau Saturday, March 29, Will MH ever be found??

An excellent article from Wired. It is rarely traversed by air or sea, and anything lost there may never be found. That includes Malaysia Airlines Flight That means it would have run out of fuel sooner. The shift to yet another area underscores just how perplexing the search has been, and how investigators have been frustrated in their quest for answers.

None of the aircraft or ships in the region have found anything of note, and the photos may reveal nothing more than whitecaps or the flotsam so often found at sea. With little else to go on, investigators have so far relied upon the scant satellite and radar communication the plane had after going dark 90 minutes into its March 8 flight to Beijing with people aboard.

Finding a debris field would be akin to a homicide detective locating a body, allowing investigators to begin piecing together, literally and figuratively, what happened. Eleven aircraft and six ships from four countries spent the week searched a region so remote that vessels traversing it can go weeks without seeing another ship.

Petersburg, was two days away. Reaching the search site by air took four hours. A map, released by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency, showing the approximate position of floating objects in the Indian Ocean. Navy, Boeing and others—have only the scantest details to go on. Joseph, a former Marine Corps pilot and aviation consultant. The three primary goals of any aviation accident inquiry are determining what happened, how it happened, and why it happened.

Until the first question is answered, little headway is made on the others. The lightest, most buoyant pieces, such as seat cushions, sections of the fuselage, and the like, most likely will float or eventually wash up somewhere. Heavier parts like landing gear, engines, and large sections of airframe will sink, more or less directly below the point at which they hit the water. Locating a debris field will further focus the search area for these key components, and authorities almost certainly will, as they did with Air France , rely upon remotely operated submersibles to comb the sea floor.

This will be particularly challenging, as the southern Indian Ocean has a volcanic and rugged floor and some of the deepest water in the world. It also is a brutally violent place, rocked by some of the most severe weather on Earth. Before retrieving anything, recovery personnel will be briefed by Boeing, Rolls-Royce which manufactured the engines , and others on how to pull up major components and minimize the risk of further damaging them.

Once those parts are aboard recovery vessels, they will be treated with solvents to arrest the rapid corrosion that comes with submersion in salt water. Everything that can be collected will be carefully reassembled to reconstruct the airplane as thoroughly as possible. Some eyewitness reports suggested it was brought down by a missile. But careful collection and assembly of the wreckage led investigators to conclude that an electrical problem in a fuel tank led to an explosion.

Metallurgists, engineers, and other experts will examine the debris in minute detail. They will be joined by evidence recovery teams and criminal investigators until foul play is ruled out. Close examination of wreckage will provide key insights. Scorching or soot suggest a fire.

The manner in which debris is torn, bent, or otherwise damaged can indicate whether the plane blew apart, broke up at altitude, or hit the water. If evidence points toward an explosion, experts will determine whether the blast was subsonic, suggesting the failure of something like a fuel tank, or supersonic, suggesting a bomb or missile.

If wreckage indicates the plane hit the water, it also would suggest the angle and velocity of the impact. An examination of the cabin and cockpit could provide additional clues—if, for example, the oxygen masks were deployed. Individual components will be closely scrutinized for similar clues, and theories tested against identical parts. Forensic pathologists, odontologists, anthropologists, and fingerprint experts will of course attempt to identify any bodies recovered from the sea and examine them for further clues.

Burns and smoke inhalation suggest a fire, for example, and the nature of physical trauma would indicate the force with which the plane hit the water. To answer that riddle, investigators must find the black box flight data and cockpit voice recorders. These two items, each a little larger than a shoebox, will be the focus of a relentless search. Investigators spent more than two years combing the sea floor for the black box Air France before finding it 13, feet down. The black box, which is actually orange, records at least 88 flight parameters—including airspeed, heading, attitude, altitude, autopilot engagement, and the position of various flight control surfaces—on a continuous loop for at least 25 hours.

Recovering the black box and analyzing the data would allow investigators to recreate the flight in a simulator. A modern cockpit voice recorder generally runs on a two-hour loop to log an incident in real-time. To aid the search for these vital components, the United States has dispatched a Bluefin autonomous submarine that can dive to 14, feet and the the U. Still, it is a race against time. Locating the devices will only grow harder as the current scatters debris ever further and the electronic beacon affixed to the recorders eventually run out of power, which is expected to happen around April 7.

The search will go on, as long as necessary, but will only grow more difficult. Solving the mystery of Flight will be a long, slow and expensive process. The investigation into Air France took three years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars; the TWA Flight inquiry was no less intensive. But aviation experts said it is imperative that we learn as much as possible about what happened, both for the families of those who died and for everyone who flies.

There is a common refrain in aviation that the rules are written in blood. Every rule and regulation, every policy and procedure exists because someone was injured or killed. Lets pray for MH and all those onboard and all their family members. Posted by Unknown at AM 0 comments. Labels: malaysian airlines , mas , MH Hanya Jauhari yang mengenal manikam. Hanya Jauhari yang mengenal Manikam. Saya tengok ada banyak pendapat di laman sosial termasuk FB..

Yang benar adalah fakta di jepun Jepun membina negaranya dengan cepat sebab budaya jepun ni ada kelebihan tersendiri dan ada yg boleh dicontohi malaysia spt pandang ke timur, cekap, berdisiplin menepati masa dan perlu ikut letak jawatan?? Sekali lagi saya ulangi, Hanya Jauhari yang mengenal Manikam,. Labels: malaysia airlines , mas , MH Pesawat hanya mengalami kerosakan kecil iaitu "aircraft's landing light lens cover was broken.

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Perkara ini diceritakan kepasda saya oleh seorang penumpang, Berikut kata katanya dalam fb saya: "tadi pagi Antara penumpangnya, pasukan bolasepak liga super Terengganu. Sejak kehilangan misteri penerbangan Malaysia MH pada 8 Mac lalu, pelbagai teori konspirasi hangat diperbualkan samada oleh media antarabangsa, tempatan mahupun orang perseorangan.

ANtaranya teori pesawat terbakar, juruterbang membunuh diri, ada pengganas, pesawat masuk ke dalam Black Hole dan macam macam lagi. Ini Teori yang hangat diperkatakan ketika ini mengatakan pesawat sebesar Boeing itu sebenarnya dikawal pesawat AWACS kerana kepentingan kargo dan penumpangnya. Terdapat 5 agen Amerika dan Israel yang matikan transponder pesawat MH?? Adakah anda pernah mendengar teori konspirasi mengenai kehilangan MH ? Perkara ini berlaku seperti ini: Amerika telah keluar daripada Afghanistan, salah satu sistem kawal dan perintah command and control system - CNC mereka yang digunakan untuk mengawal Drone tanpa pemandu telah dirampas oleh Taliban ketika konvoi pengangkutan Amerika sedang bergerak ke bawah dari salah satu pangkalan di atas bukit.

Peristiwa ini berlaku lebih kurang sebulan yang lalu pada Februari Tiada liputan dalam peristiwa ini. Apa yang Taliban mahu ialah wang. Rusia terlalu sibuk dengan urusan di Ukraine. China pula amat dahagakan teknologi sistem ini. Bayangkan jika China dapat menguasai teknologi di belakang sistem CNC ini, semua Drone Amerika akan tidak berguna lagi. Oleh itu China telah menghantar lapan saintis pakar pertahanan mereka untuk memeriksa sistem yang dirampas tersebut dan bersetuju untuk membayar jutaan dollar untuk itu.

Sekitar awal Mac , lapan saintis China tersebut bersama 6 peti melakukan perjalanan mereka ke Malaysia, dengan berpendapat laluan ini adalah yang terbaik untuk mengelakkan dari dikesan. Kargo ini kemudian disimpan dalam Kedutaan China di bawah perlindungan diplomatik. Sementara itu, Amerika dengan bantuan perisikan Israel, bersama-sama merangka pelan untuk memintas dan menawan semula kargo tersebut. China berfikiran adalah lebih selamat untuk mengangkut kargo tersebut menggunakan pesawat awam untuk mengelakkan syak wasangka.

Lagipun penerbangan terus dari KL ke Beijing mengambil masa hanya 4 jam setengah, dan Amerika dipercayai tidak akan merampas atau memudaratkan pesawat awam itu. Jadi MH adalah pilihan yang terbaik. Terdapat 5 agen Amerika dan Israel, yang sudah biasa dengan operasi Boeing di dalam pesawat ini.

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Sebaik sahaja MH meninggalkan ruang udara Malaysia dan melapor diri kepada kawalan udara Vietnam, satu pesawat AWACS Amerika telah menyekat isyarat komunikasi mereka jammed the signal , mematikan sistem kawalan juruterbang dan menukar kawalan kepada mod kawalan jauh remote control. Pada ketika itu pesawat hilang ketinggian secara tiba-tiba untuk seketika. Ingat peristiwa ? Selepas peristiwa itu, semua pesawat Boeing Airbus dan mungkin semua dipasang dengan sistem kawalan jauh untuk menentang rampasan pesawat oleh pengganas.

Sejak itu semua Boeing boleh terbang dengan kawalan jauh oleh menara kawalan di daratan.

Sistem kawalan jauh yang sama digunakan untuk mengawal pesawat pengintip tanpa pemandu dan Drone. Seterusnya, 5 agen Amerika dan Israel mengambil alih kawalan pesawat, mematikan transponder dan sistem komunikasi yang lain, mengubah laluan dan terbang ke arah barat. Mereka tidak terbang timur, ke Filipina atau Guam kerana Laut China Selatan dan keseluruhan ruang udaranya diawasi sepenuhnya oleh radar dan satelit pengawasan China. Radar tentera Malaysia, Thailand dan India sebenarnya telah mengesan pesawat yang tidak dikenali itu tetapi seperti dijangka mereka bertindak balas secara tidak profesional.

Pesawat itu kemudian terbang ke atas Sumatra Utara, Anambas, India Selatan dan kemudian mendarat di Maldives beberapa penduduk kampung menyaksikan pendaratan pesawat , mengisi minyak dan meneruskan penerbangannya ke Deigo Garcia, Pangkalan Udara Amerika di tengah-tengah Lautan Hindi. Sebaik mendarat, kargo dikeluarkan dan kotak hitam ditanggalkan. Penumpang disenyapkan dibunuh melalui kaedah secara semula jadi, iaitu kekurangan oksigen.

Mereka percaya hanya orang mati sahaja yang tidak akan membocorkan rahsia. Pesawat MH dengan penumpang yang sudah mati sekali lagi berlepas dan diterbangkan dengan kawalan jauh menuju selatan Lautan Hindi, untuk menjadikan orang percaya bahawa pesawat kehabisan minyak dan akhirnya terhempas ke lautan, dengan menyalahkan kapten dan pembantu juruterbang yang degil.

Amerika telah melakukan persembahan yang baik. Pertama, mereka mengalihkan semua perhatian dan usaha carian di Laut China Selatan padahal MH terbang ke arah barat ke Lautan Hindi. Kemudian mereka dengan bantuan media-media mereka telah mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang bercanggah dan bukti-bukti untuk mengelirukan dunia. Australia memainkan peranan sebagai pembantu pelakon. Jika dilihat usaha yang dibuat oleh China, dari segi bilangan pesawat carian, kapal dan satelit, mula-mula mencari di Laut China Selatan, kemudian di Selat Melaka dan Lautan Hindi, ini agak luar biasa.

Ini menunjukkan bahawa China amat prihatin, bukan kerana ramainya penumpang awam China, tetapi lebih kepada nilai tinggi kandungan pesawat dan nyawa lapan ahli-ahli sains pertahanannya. Jangan percaya cerita? Saya tidak mengharapkan anda untuk mempercayai tetapi mari kita tunggu dan lihat bagaimana episod ini mendedahkan diri akhirnya nanti.

Atau mungkin ia tidak akan berlaku sehingga kemunculan Snowden Edward Snowden — pakar komputer US, bekas kakitangan CIA yang berpaling tadah dan mendedahkan pelbagai program dan dokumen rahsia US. Labels: konspirasi MH , malaysian airlines , MH Flight When facts are few, imaginations run wild - CNN. In the two weeks since, the mystery of what happened to its passengers and 12 crew members has set off a frenzy of speculation and conspiracy theory hatching.

It was a rogue pilot. Or was it a hero pilot? Terrorists took over the plane. Or were they air pirates? Space aliens? Maybe the crew flew the plane into Pakistan. Or a black hole? Somebody shot it down. We can't see the plane because it's invisible! No, it's a sign from God that the Rapture is coming!

The Illuminati are behind this! And last but not, least here's that old Internet standby so popular among conservative conspiracy theorists: It's Obama's fault. Pop-culture aficionados have weighed in, too, with comparisons to the television series "Lost" and "Fantasy Island. And YouTube commenters suggested that Pitbull and Shakira might have foreseen the trouble, pointing to their song "Get it Started.

Outlandish as some of these theories sound, they are so much more comforting than the truth. The truth is unfathomable. The truth is, we just don't know. We can't know yet and we might never know. Highly trained professionals can't figure it out, even with all their satellites and radar and pingy things. Think people don't just disappear from the sky? Tell that to folks who have spent a lifetime trying to figure out what happened to Amelia Earhart or D.

No signs of the plane or a crash site have been spotted on land. And one official compared searching the ocean for the plane to "looking for a needle in a stack of needles. They're checking data from satellites, running passenger background checks, dispatching ships and flying planes low over thousands of square miles of ocean, looking for a speck of something, anything, among all that rolling blue and gray. The aerial searchers are doing it the old-fashioned way, by peering out the window.

The most promising development has focused on a possible debris sighting in a remote spot in the Indian Ocean more than 1, miles southwest of Perth, Australia. That's roughly 6, miles from where Flight should have landed. It takes so long to get there and back, the aerial crews can only search the vast open ocean for a two hours at a stretch.

Signing of the Bangsamoro

China and Japan are dispatching ships, but it will take them several days to get there. A Norwegian commercial ship that was already in the area is looking for signs of survivors. Other merchant ships are on their way, and these are practically uncharted waters. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott acknowledged the debris sighting is a long shot. It could just be garbage or "a container that has fallen off a ship," he said. Mysteries drive them bonkers.

And so, legions of armchair detectives have taken to the Internet to fill in the gaps. As a result, the line between fact and fiction has become a bit blurry. What happens next in Indian Ocean? The co-pilot acknowledged a message from ground control at a. Two minutes later, somebody or something shut down the transponder, which signals the plane's identity, altitude and speed to other aircraft and to monitors on the ground.

It disappeared within a minute after that from Thai military radar, and moments later an unidentified plane popped up. It flew in the opposite direction, following a course nothing like Flight 's course. Within two hours, the plane was hundreds of miles off course. At about a. Some experts, however, cast doubt on the accuracy of these radar readings. The mystery plane, which officials believe was indeed Flight , is thought to have continued flying far off course well after it should have landed in Beijing. Satellites tracked it to somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Although nobody on the plane responded to the satellite's inquiries, an automated satellite system on the plane did emit signals; the exchanges are known as "handshakes. And then, silence. Suicide fears as families wait Those are the facts as we now know them. Anything more is theory, speculation -- or pure fantasy. Some scenarios are more plausible than others; some have been debunked, and others have not. The latest in expert speculation A few other, sketchier facts have emerged. Some are not yet confirmed, while the significance of others is not yet clear.

The plane's pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, reportedly placed a cell phone call eight minutes before takeoff. We don't know yet to whom or what was discussed. He practiced on a flight simulator at home, and some of the data were erased, things which on their own are not particularly alarming. There could be an innocent explanation. The flight simulator could hold valuable clues, as could the crew members' computers.

The simulator's hard drive is being analyzed by the FBI, which is confident it can recover some of the deleted files. The FBI is also helping Malaysian authorities analyze crew members' computer hard drives and social media activity. Malaysian authorities are convinced that someone deliberately altered the plane's flight path, steering Fight far off course, about 12 minutes before the last communication with ground control at a.

They just don't know who -- or why. The search for clues has investigators checking into the backgrounds of everyone on board that plane. And it has fed several of the major working theories, some more plausible than others. Rogue flight crew? Zaharie, 53, has been flying for Malaysia Airlines since , and his year-old co-pilot, Fariq Abdul Hamid, just started flying a The plane's transponder stopped signaling its location to air-traffic controllers and other planes at an oddly opportune moment -- just as it left Malaysian air control.

Could this ocean robot help find missing plane? The transponder abruptly shut down and the plane made a sharp westward turn and appears to have kept flying for another seven hours. The plane should have appeared in Vietnam's airspace en route to Beijing, but Vietnam never heard from Flight It took Thailand 10 days to acknowledge that it had tracked an unidentified plane, now assumed to be Flight , traveling through its airspace early on the morning of March 8. The idea of pilots using a plane to commit suicide and mass murder is horrific, but not unprecedented.

A SilkAir crash in and an EgyptAir crash in are both believed to have been the result of deliberate actions taken by pilots. Right now there is scant evidence to support this theory -- or to discount it. Searches of the pilot's flight simulator and computer hard drive may shed light. The fact that two Iranian passengers, young men ages 18 and 28, boarded with stolen passports at first made this theory seem to be a slam-dunk. And then it was debunked. It turns out the Iranians had no ties to any terror groups and were trying to sneak into Europe via China, not blow up the plane.

No group claimed credit, and investigators weren't picking up the usual chatter. It is still possible that the passengers and crew succeeded in fighting off a terrorist takeover by someone or some group and that no one survived to fly or land the plane. Still, authorities say intelligence experts would have expected to hear some chatter about it and they haven't.

Catastrophic event? Had a bomb gone off, or the plane succumbed to engine failure, the transponder probably would have stayed on, and the debris field would have been easy to find. Pieces of the falling plane would have been visible on radar, aviation experts have said. A fire or smoke in the cabin has been suggested as the reason why nobody tried to use cell phones to call for help.

There was no distress signal, for example. And why would the plane have appeared to keep on flying? Read Chris Goodfellow's take on Flight The Payne Stewart theory: Whether it was slow or sudden, decompression would have caused loss of oxygen and killed everyone on board. That is what happened on golfer Payne Stewart's chartered Learjet in , which continued to fly on autopilot for four hours before crashing.

It would explain the silence from the crew and passengers on board Flight , but why didn't the plane continue flying toward Beijing? Why the change in course? And why did it disappear from radar? The shoot-down theory: Radio host Rush Limbaugh advanced the hostile shoot-down theory a week ago. So then the crew says, 'We got to get back home. We got to get back to Kuala Lumpur. We can't fly with no electronics. They fly over a bunch of unfriendly countries, and they can't identify themselves, and they're not identified, there are no lights on. There's been a total electronic failure.

What if some hostile country flew up there and shot it down, and then discovered their mistake and nobody wants to admit what happened? Civilian aircraft have been shot down before. In , a U. Navy warship mistook an Iran Air flight for an attacking fighter jet and shot it down with a missile, killing all passengers and crew. But right now, there is no evidence to support the theory that Flight was brought down by a government entity.

And so, the people looking into what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight are left with the few tangible details they have. They continue to search for more. If debris is indeed found at the remote site they're searching in the southwest Indian Ocean, and it is determined to be from Flight , more sophisticated equipment will be brought in to scan the ocean floor for the plane's flight data recorders. But don't expect any quick answers. When an Air France jet crashed into the Atlantic back in , it took two years to find the flight data recorders more than two miles underwater.

Two years.

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And the authorities knew where that plane went down. Tuesday, March 25, MH Britain finds itself at centre of blame game over crucial delays. MH Britain finds itself at centre of blame game over crucial delays By Gordon Rayner, and Nick Collins Telegraph 24th March With all hope now lost of finding their loved ones alive, relatives of the people on board flight MH were increasingly expressing anger and resentment towards those they believe are to blame for the failure to locate the missing aircraft. Exactly what went wrong, and who was to blame, remained unclear last night, but both the British and Malaysian authorities must brace themselves for a barrage of uncomfortable questions from loved ones of the dead.

ACARS, as we now know, can be turned off manually, via a switch on the ceiling of the cockpit or behind the throttles between the pilot and co-pilot. It is this deliberate act that has convinced investigators the pilots were on some form of suicide mission. But Classic Aero also has a second terminal that operates independently of ACARS and cannot be switched off while the aircraft still has power.

The pings play no part in ACARS, and merely serve to synchronise timing information and keep the connection to the satellite network alive. Missing MH Inmarsat, which owns 11 telecommunications satellites, supports the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System free of charge, as a public service, to help locate stricken ships and aircraft.

The pings contain no information about location, heading or speed, meaning the only information Inmarsat had to go on was the wavelength of the pings when they reached its satellite orbiting 22, miles above the earth. Variations in the wavelengths proved that the aircraft was still moving until at least 8. Yet it took until March 18 before rescue teams announced they had narrowed down the search area to the location 2, miles west of Perth, where several sightings of debris have been made.

The terrible question now being pondered by relatives is whether anyone might have survived and could have been saved if the message had got through sooner. What caused the delay? And it took a further three days, until Tuesday, March 18, before Australia announced it had narrowed down the search area to a defined patch of the southern Indian Ocean. The Malaysian government has also suggested that it took a week to process all of the data it was receiving from multiple international sources and to eliminate red herrings. According to the New York Times, US investigators tried telling the Malaysians they were looking in the wrong place a week after the aircraft disappeared, but their warnings were not heeded for several days.

France was said to have offered help on March 9 but was ignored for a week before the Malaysians finally agreed to meet experts who took part in the two-year search for the flight data recorders of the Air France jet that crashed into the sea north of Brazil in Malaysian officials have also been accused of failing to share all the information from their own systems because they did want to admit weaknesses in their radar and satellite operations.

And while international experts would normally be told within 24 hours about ACARS data the Malaysians withheld it for several days. It was this information that suggested the Boeing was deliberately turned to the west, away from its planned route to Beijing. The most likely explanation for the delays appears to be distrust between Malaysia and the other countries involved in the search operation. While the arguments went on, British and US intelligence agencies were gathering military and civilian satellite images to analyse them for possible debris.

Images of two pieces of suspected debris were captured by an American satellite on March 16, but it was a further three days before the centralised analysis centre in the UK reviewed them. Once that was factored in, the northern corridor was ruled out completely. The calculations were sent off to be checked over the weekend before being passed to Malaysia on Sunday. Inmarsat is developing a new system to replace Classic Aero, that will automatically transmit location data, but international bodies have not yet made such a system mandatory.

Labels: malaysia airlines , MH Terma teknikal kehilangan pesawat MH Menerusi pencarian besar besaran MH sejak dilaporkan hilang pada awal pagi 8 Mac lalu, kita telah mengikuti perkembangan usaha mencari dan menyelamat sejak hari pertama kejadian, Dan beberapa terma baru telah kita ketahui antaranya : 1. Air turn back - istilah pesawat melakukan u turn, lazimnya kalau kereta buat pusingan balik dipanggil uturn, tapi kalau kapal terbang yang u-turn dipanggil Air Turn Back. Bila melakukan air turn back, pilot wajib memaklumkan kepada air control tower, sebab dia berbuat demikian.

Transponder - sejenis alat yang menerima dan menghantar isyarat gelombang radio kepada radar sekunder, lalu memberikan identiti pesawat, kelajuan, arah serta ketinggian. Ia set komunikasi kedua pesawat selain sistem komunikasi konvensional pesawat dikenali Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System atau Acars.

Radar sekunder - sejenis radar yang boleh mengesan identiti pesawat, kelajuan, ketinggian dan arah menerusi transponder pesawat. Ping - bukan milo ping, kopi ping atau teh ping.

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Ping merujuk kepada isyarat elektronik yang dihantar secara automatik oleh pesawat dan direkodkan satelit. Dalam kes MH, sistem pesawat yang dicipta oleh Boeing membolehkan pesawat menghantar isyarat ping secara automatik setiap sejam kepada satelit ketika dalam orbit atau penerbangan, meskipun dalam keadaan alat komunikasi pesawat sudah ditutup atau gagal dikesan radar. Inmarsat - sebuah syarikat utama pembekal perkhidmatan satelit mobil global yang beribupejabat di London dan beroperasi sejak Membekalkan data komunikasi darat, laut dan udara kepada kerajaan dan mana mana pertubuhan. Inmarsat juga ada merekodkan data penerbangan MH Diego Garcia - sebuah terumbu karang tropika di tengah tengah Lautan Hindi.

Amerika Syarikat mempunyai sebuah pengkalan tentera laut di sana, menempatkan pengkalan udara, serta pengkalan kapal dan kapal selam. Sebelum ini ada kemungkinan MH mendarat di Diego Garcia tetapi setelah siasatan dilakukan, perkara itu dinafikan. Apabila anda menghampiri IGARI, data mengenai jarak pesawat anda dengan lapangan terbang terdekat dan arahnya atau Bearing sudah disediakan.

Secara riingkasnya IGARI ini seperti signboard atau papan tanda jalan di tepi jalanraya yang menunjukkan peta laluan destinasi dan berapa jaraknya. Squawk code..

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Andrew Nari turut berkesempatan bergambar dengan pemain badminton No. Moga Tuhan memberkati mereka. Gambar lain menunjukkan peta lokasi kemungkinan pesawat hilang serta gerakan mencari. Ini pula cadangan saya sendiri, hari ini hari ke 17 gerakan mencari di Lautan Hindi, Isnin 24 Mac : Kita tahu misi pencarian di lokasi terpencil di selatan Lautan Hindi, kilometer dari Barat Daya Perth Australia, sukar kerana pesawat mengambil masa 8 jam untuk pulang balik ke lokasi itu dari pengkalan tentera udara diraja Australia, RAAF di Pearce.

Ini menyebabkan minyak pesawat hanya cukup untuk melakukan 2 jam pencarian dari udara di lokasi bagi setiap penerbangan, masa singkat itu sudah pasti tidak mencukupi. Maka jika boleh cadangan saya, Kuasa tentera dunia yang mempunyai kemudahan kapal pengangkut pesawat seperti Amerika Syarikat dan China, menempatkan sebuah kapal pengangkut pesawat di lokasi pencarian di selatan Lautan Hindi.

Kapal pengangkut pesawat ini bagaikan bandar bergerak, mempunyai anak kapal, bekalan minyak dan makanan untuk pesawat serta krew mencari dan menyelamat. Pesawat tidak perlu berulang alik dari selatan Lautan Hindi ke Perth untuk mengisi minyak, cukup dengan landing saja di atas kapal pengangkut pesawat yang mempunyai landasan untuk mengisi minyak dan kemudian terbang lagi. Satu lagi cadangan saya, setiap kali objek dikesan satelit di selatan Lautan Hindi, ia mengambil masa beberapa jam untuk pesawat mencari seperti P3 Orion dan P8 Posedion untuk tiba ke kawasan itu kerana kelajuan pesawat terbabit agak terhad.

Dan bila kapal terbang atau kapal laut tiba di lokasi, objek terbabit sudah hilang samada tenggelam atau dihanyutkan ke lokasi lain. Apa kata jika ada sahaja objek yang ditemui, hantar pesawat berkelajuan tinggi seperti jet Pejuang Hornet, Sukhoi, M-I-G atau Super Hornet ke lokasi itu. Jet Pejuang itu boleh tiba ke lokasi lebih cepat berbanding P3 Orion dan P8 Poseidon dan boleh mengambil gambar lebih dekat untuk menganalisis objek berkenaan. Jika mahu lebih efektif, hantar jet pejuang buatan British dikenali Harrier, yang mampu terapung seperti helikopter.

Kita tahu kos untuk membawa aircraft carrier atau kapal pengangkut pesawat serta jet pejuang ke lokasi selatan Lautan Hindi, amat tinggi. Namun harus diingat ada penumpang dalam pesawat hilang itu, yang nilainya jauh lebih tinggi.. Moga MH ditemui segera. Peristiwa yang menggemparkan dunia!!! Usaha mencari masih belum dapat menemui pesawat malang itu. Berikut kronologi kejadian yang mengejutkan Malaysia dan dunia itu : Pesawat itu membawa penumpang termasuk 2 bayi dan 12 anak kapal dengan 13 kewarga negaraan berbeza, dijangka mendarat di Beijing jam 6.

MAS kini bekerjasama dengan pihak berkuasa berkaitan bagi mengaktifkan pasukan mencari dan menyelamat dan kenal pasti lokasi pesawat. Keluarga penumpang MH yang hilang diminta bertenang dan hanya dapatkan maklumat dari sumber yang betul kata Hishamuddin. Pasukan mencari dan menyelamat Malaysia dan Vietnam telah diaktifkkan dan digerakkan untuk mencari pesawat hilang dan orang ramai boleh hubungi 03 untuk maklumat lanjut.

Kali terakhir pesawat MAS dihubungi pada kedudukan batu nautika di perairan laut cina selatan, 2. Waris penumpang seramai 2 orang setiap penumpang diminta berada di KLIA jam 6 petang ini dengan membawa paspot antarabangsa. Najib mengadakan sidang media dan berkata sudah mengarahkan semua langkah yang boleh diambil bagi mengesan pesawat. Najib berkata operasi mencari masih berterusan peringkat pertama tertumpu di di lokasi terakhir pesawat dilaporkan hilang tapi masih gagal dikesan.

Kawasan mencari diperluaskan di kawasan terakhir pesawat dilaporkan hilang dari radar kata Najib. Malaysia juga kata Najib akan hantar lebih banyak aset bagi operasi cari dan menyelamat babitkan 15 pesawat termasuk 2 helikopter dan 6 kapal. Najib mengesahkan tiada serpihan pesawat ditemui pada masa ini, semua maklumat berkenaan hanya spekulasi. Najib berkata ada pelbagai teori ketika ini tapi belum ada kepastian.

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Adalah terlalu awal untuk buat kesimpulan dan rakyat diminta tidak percayai sebarang spekulasi ketika ini. Najib ucapkan takziah kepada Presiden China. Tentera Laut Amerika SYarikat hantar pesawat untuk bantu gerakan mencari dan menyelamat. Pesawat Vietnam lewat petang tadi mengesan dua tumpahan besar di kawasan pesawat dilaporkan hilang. Delegasi 24 ahli seni China yang baru menyertai pameran seni di KL antara penumpang.

China melancarkan bilik gerakan kecemasan kata menteri luar China. Pegawai Vietnam nafi berjaya kesan pesawat MH di batu nautika wilayah barat daya ca Mau. Ahli keluarga mangsa yang berkumpul di bilik menara Tinjau KLIA dikawal ketat dan tidak dibenarkan bertemu media. Kerajaan juga putuskan untuk wujudkan pusat koordinasi bagi salur maklumat terkini berhubung kehilangan pesawat.

Hishamuddin juga nafi laporan pesawat MH terhempas di perairan berhampiran pelantar minyak Talisman Malaysia. DCA belum dapat maklumat terkini mengenai kedudukan pesawat hilang itu. Boeing tubuh pasukan khas bagi beri bantuab teknikal kepada pasukan pencari dan penyelamat. Presiden China, Xi Jinpeng arah langkah kecemasan diambil untuk bantu kesan pesawat. Kedudukan terakhir MH sebelum hilang di radar ialah Utara dan Timur. Laporan tidak rasmi di media China dan Vietnam yang memetik tentera laut Vietnam berkata pesawat terhempas di laut cina selatan. Tentera laut Malaysia mendapatkan maklumat lanjut dari tentera laut Vietnam untuk mengesahkan laporan ada serpihan pesawat ditemui kata Hishamuddin.

Usaha mencari pesawat di perairan selat Melaka belum menemui petunjuk selepas kemungkinan pesawat berpatah balik. Kawasan mencari dan menyelamat diperluaskan daripada 20 batu nautika kepada 50 batu nautika di kawasan terakhir MH dilaporkan hilang. Najib berkata kerajaan akan mengkaji semula protokol dan meningkatkan aspek keselamatan di KLIA ekoran laporan 2 penumpang MH menaiki pesawat menggunakan paspot palsu. APMM menemui dan mengambil sampel tompokan minyak pada jarak 20 batu nautika daripada lokasi pesawat hilang, untuk ujian lanjut.

Kapal perang Amerika, USS Pinckney dalam perjalanan ke selatan Vietnam bagi membantu operasi mencari pesawat yang hilang. Hishamuddin juga tidak tolak kemungkinan pesawat berpatah balik untuk kembali ke Malaysia.

FBI akan hantar pegawainya ke Malaysia untuk bantu siasatan. Syarikat Freescale Semiconductor berpusat di Texas, USA mengesahkan 20 kakitangannya adalah penumpang pesawat, Daripada 20 kakitangan itu, 12 dari Malaysia manakala 8 dari China. Pesawat yang hilang telah diselenggara 10 hari lalu, lebih awal daripada penyelenggaraan dijadualkan.

Raut wajah 2 penumpang misteri yang menaiki MH menggunakan pasport curi dikatakan bukan berperwatakan Asia sebagaimana dilaporkan sebelum ini. Kawasan pencarian pesawat MH diperluaskan kepada batu nautika termasuk 5 sektor di selat melaka dan laut andaman di pantai barat semenanjung Malaysia selain daripada di laut pantai timur semenanjung Malaysia berdasarkan andaian pesawat berpatah balik. DCA berkata objek yang disangka ekor kapal terbang yang dikesan di laut cina selatan sebenarnya beberapa batang kayu yang diikat seperti ponton.

Objek kuning yang disangka jaket keselamatan atau rakit keselamatan sebaliknya hanya pembalut kabel yang kelihatan seperti jaket atau rakit keselamatan dari udara. IGP berkata satu daripada 2 suspek yang menggunakan paspot palsu dikenal pasti, bukan rakyat Malaysia masuk secara haram ke Malaysia. Najib tangguh lawatan rasmi ke Mauritius yang sepatutnya bermula 11 hingga 13 Mac bagi beri tumpuan usaha mencari MH Hishamuddin nafi laporan media asing kononnya kerajaan China akan ambil alih siasatan kes kehilangan pesawat.

Hishamuddin juga berkata maklumat tidak disahkan dan palsu boleh menjejaskan siasatan serta beri kesan emosi kepada keluarga mangsa. DCA berkata bagasi 5 penumpang yang tidak menaiki pesawat telah diimbas dan dikeluarkan dari pesawat dan didapati tidak membawa bahan larangan. Penemuan serpihan objek kononnya komponen pintu pesawat oleh media Vietnam sebenarnya selonggok kayu yang diikat bersama, bukan dari pesawat MH Yang Di Pertuan Agong ketika merasmikan pembukaan Parlimen merekamkan rasa prihatin dan sedih atas kehilangan pesawat MH, minta keluarga penumpang dan kru bersabar.

Parlimen Malaysia bertafakur seminit untuk memperingati penumpang dan anak kapal MH dan keluarga mereka. SIdang akhbar yang sepatutnya diadakan pada 10 pagi ditunda.

Hishamuddin tidak tolak kemungkinan wujud elemen keganasan dalam kehilangan pesawat. Polis kaji 4 aspek dalam siasatan kehilangan pesawat iaitu rampasan, sabotaj, masalah psikologi penumpang dan kru serta masalah peribadi. Ketua Polis Negara sahkan semua penumpang yang beli tiket menaiki pesawat MH, polis sedang siasat latar belakang semua penumpang serta rakaman video.

Polis kenal pasti penumpang guna paspot suri sebagai warga Iran yang mahu berhijran ke Jerman tapi dia bukan pengganas. Pengkalan data Interpol mengenai pasport curi ada dalam simpanan polis, lebih 40 juta data mengenai paspot curi ada didalamnya kata Ketua Polis Negara.

KPN juga berkata suspek warga Iran yang guna pasport palsu dikenali sebagai Poria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 19 tahun, manakala Interpol mengesahkan seorang lagi penumpang bernama Seyed Mohammad Redza, 30 tahun juga warga Iran yang menggunakan paspot curi. KPN juga berkata semua penumpang MH menaiki pesawat, menolak laporan sebelum ini mengatakan 5 penumpang tidak menaiki pesawat meskipun sudah chek in.

India turut aktifkan satelit GSAT7 bagi cari petunjuk. Najib berkata Malaysia berusaha habis habisan mencari pesawat yang hilang itu. Najib turut meminta seluruh rakyat Malaysia berdoa agar misi mencari perolehi kejayaan temui pesawat MH yang hilang. Sekumpulan nelayan dakwa temui objek mirip rakit penyelamat kapal terbang, 10 batu nautika dari pantai Port Dickson tengahari semalam, 11 November Sidang akhbar MH ditangguhkan kepada 4.

Najib minta taklimat diadakan sekali lagi hari ini dengan pasukan mencari untuk mengesan pesawat. Kota hitam pesawat belum ditemui sebab pesawat belum ditemui kata Hishamuddin. Malaysia alu alukan lebih banyak pakar membantu kata Hishamuddin. Hishamuddin turut tolak dakwan lebih banyak kekeliruan timbul kini kerana pesawat masih belum dijumpai.

Vietnam hantar pesawat tinjau kawasan penemuan objek terapung yang dikesan satelit China di laut cina Selatan. Tiada petunjuk pesawat ditemui di lokasi berdasarkan imej satelit China yang dipercayai kemungkinan serpihan pesawat terbabit. Bukit Aman nafikan siasatan polis tertumpu kepada seorang krew kapal terbang dan seorang penumpang etnik Uighur. Zahid Hamidi sahkan polis ke rumah juruterbang MH, Kapten Zaharie Ahmad Shah untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak maklumat, bukannya serbuan. Hishamuddin pula jelaskan tiada rumah anak kapal MH digeledah polis. Laporan pesawat berada beberapa jam di udara dan terbang di lokasi tidak diketahui selepas hubungan terakhirnya tidak tepat kata Hishamuddin.

Misi mencari kini babitkan 43 kapaldan 40 kapal terbang pelbagai negara. Hishamuddin jelaskan beliau konsisten dalam berikan maklumat kepada media, dan ingatkan semua pihak hentikan spekulasi. Kerajaan tak pernah benarkan sesiapa untuk siarkan imej satelit tanpa merujuk kepada kerajaan Malaysia terlebih dahulu kata Hishamuddin.

Gambar objek terapung oleh satelit China tiada kaitan dengan pesawat hilang kata Hishamuddin. Misi mencari pesawat yang masuk hari ke 7 diteruskan membabitkan 57 kapal dan 48 pesawat dan kawasan mencari diperluaskan ke timur Laut Cina Selatan dan Lautan Hindi. Malaysia bekerjasama dengan pasukan penyiasat Amerika Syarikat untuk peroleh maklumat satelit pesawat hilang kata Hishamuddin.

Pasukan penyiasat United Kingdom dan Rolls Royce sedang analisis imej satelit dan tidak boleh umum selagi tidak disahkan. Malaysia terus ketuai misi mencari dan menyelamat seperti ditetapkan protokol antarabangsa kerana pesawat hilang milik Malaysia. Transponder MH yang tidak keluarkan isyarat samada sengaja ditutup atau lain lain kemungkinan sedang disiasat kata Hishamuddin.

Radar tentera menyebut kemungkinan pesawat diterbangkan sengaja melewati semenanjung Malaysia ke laut Andaman. Najib hargai sumbangan dan kerja keras pekerja MAS terutama di pusat operasi Kecemasan. Komunikasi terakhir pesawat yang direkodkan satelit adalah 8. Pesawat sengaja dipesongkan dan sistem komunikasi pesawat dimatikan di ruang udara pantai timur semenanjung Malaysia dan transponder di pesawat sengaja dimatikan di sempadan udara Vietnam oleh seseorang di atas pesawat.

Menurut data radar, pesawat dipercayai berpatah balik dan terbang semula merentasi Semenanjung Malaysia dan menghala ke barat laut dengan pergerakan konsisten. Siasatan kini tertumpu semula kepada semua penumpang dan anak kapal MH Memandangkan data satelit tidak terperinci menunjukkan lokasi terakhir MH, maka kawasan pencarian kini ditumpukan di 2 kawasan baru iaitu koridor utara meliputi utara Thailand hingga ke Turkmenistan dan Kazakhstan serta koridor Selatan meliputi Indonesia dan selatan Lautan Hindi.

Operasi mencari di laut cina selatan dihentikan dan menilai semula penghantaran aset. Najib tidak berkata pesawat dirampas tetapi dipesongkan haluannya secara sengaja oleh seseorang di dalam pesawat, masih siasat kenapa pesawat berpatah balik. Terdapat banyak teori dikemukakan antaranya teori mengenai Diego Garcia, sebuah pangkalan bersama Amerika Syarikat dan United Kingdom di tengah-tengah Lautan Hindi.

Viren Swami berpendapat bahawa teori konspirasi tidak hanya memberikan impak negatif. Sumber: Berita Astro Awani. Smartphones Addiction. The world will have a generation of idiots. Phubbing is a term to describe the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone. In May , the advertising agency behind the campaign - McCann Melbourne - invited a number of lexicographers, authors, and poets to coin a neologism to describe the behaviour.

The term has appeared in media around the world, and was popularized by the Stop Phubbing campaign created by McCann. The smartphone addiction has brought into worst condition that can bring to fatality. Not only the addiction can caused marital break, it can also cause people killing each other. In Miri, a mother was killed by her own sons when she refused to give in to his demand for having a new smart phone. Few cases have also been reported on mother being careless too busy checking on the smartphone that caused incidents to the children.

Some even become the C. D of the children. The technology has been taking over the normal life and makes people become its slave. The video below illustrated how's the life without smartphones. Somehow I wonder how does our ancestors survived the technology by not having any smartphones during their era. Ellicoot, C. Mail Online. Article Review: Cyber balkanization; Distraction to the essence of 1 Malaysia.

Balkanization is best refers to online segregation which mean the segregation of people on the Internet, often believed to be a democratizing tool used to bring equality among people. Another term use to describe it is the splinternet. Splinternet also referred to as cyber-balkanization or internet balkanization. The internet splinter and divide people according to various factors, such as technology, commerce, politics, nationalism, religion, and interests. As the internet has become the open and free medium for the public to speak out, many opinion are being give out thus creating so many ideologies which are then segregates the community to its own group according to their beliefs.

This new community stands out to defend their beliefs. In my opinion, the possible factor of cyber balkanization can be because of the limitation of information people can get from the mainstream media as the mainstream media are being restricted through the ownership and law enacted. Cyber balkanization in negative side does harm the spirit of 1 Malaysia in terms that community is divided according to their political ideology.

However, if we look on the positive aspect, cyber balkanization can unite a group with the same interest. If the interest is positive, consequently the balkanization can lead to a spirit of cooperation. Balkanization created a colony of opposite thinking of the mainstream beliefs which can set the community free from the entire typical scenario.

Cyril, M. Huffing Post Media. Online Journalism in Malaysia. In a , former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad pledged a no-censorship policy for the Internet when he was courting overseas investment for high-tech industries. It has provided a space for the public to voice their participation in the process of democracy, using freedom of expression and the freedom to participate in political debates Ghazali, Online journalism offers possibilities of vertical and horizontal flows, an open space to the audience and truthfulness could be challenged directly in real time with less gatekeeping and at the same time projecting the traits as an alternative medium.

This may explain why the numbers of online news audience are increasing at a very fast rate Ghazali, This phenomenon can be seen in previous Malaysia 13 th General Election which saw an increase of 2. The young represented a huge percentage of the electorate; most of them are the first-time voters. This could be the impact of the online journalism which allows them an open space for socio-political criticism.

Despite of much electoral campaign BN has launched through the mainstream media, BN still abusing its own power in controlling the mainstream media by making a full use of the media to portrays the positive sides of themselves yet to also portrays the negative sides of the opposition. Not much of the public criticism towards government policies were aired on the mainstream TV station. This have restricted the public to give out their own opinion and stand on any issue while the ruling party keep claiming that they are representing the majority voices of the public.

As an alternatives, public especially the young, choose to express their opinion in the more open space, which is certainly the internet. Through the social network also, public can interact each other and convey their dissatisfaction to the political figures.