Outlook 2011 mac on my computer folder missing

Googling hasn't turned up much beyond some expensive commercial solutions.

I Cannot View Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk and Other Folders

I find it hard to believe that there's no way to peek at Outlook for Mac's files in non-obsure fashion. These messages aren't critical. I don't seem to have lost anything super-important, but it would be nice to get them back for organizational retention purposes. Anyone have ideas?

Outlook 2011 for Mac - On My Computer folders missing

The account should open. This trick used to work with Entourage and earlier. Thank you! I ended up doing basically a version of that, sans creating a new login.

OLM file - After Export, swapped the Main Identity folders so the current, but missing messages, folder was active again. I now can manually pick and choose which messages to move back to Exhange. Thanks again! Moderation: Content hidden for spam.

Missing Archive folder in Outlook for Mac after update - IT Knowledgebase - RRU IT Services

There is no free solution to this. You will need to go for a paid commercial tool.

I have used Time Machine in the past. But the scene was often messy while retrieving emails from it. Your Outlook Data File must be backed up before it can be restored. However, our Customer Champions cannot provide direct assistance for these products. For assistance with products not developed by Code42, contact the product's manufacturer.

The default location of your Outlook Data File depends on your operating system and Outlook version. We recommend exporting your Outlook data and backing up the.

How to Show the Missing Sidebar in File Open & Save Dialogs of Mac OS X

Overview Microsoft Outlook saves your email messages, calendar, tasks, and other items in either an Outlook for Windows Data File. Where do I find my Outlook data file?

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