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Excellent integration. Cons: No integrated database. PowerPoint still trails Apple's Keynote in creating artistically designed presentations. Not cheap. Bottom line: Microsoft Office for Mac is packed with a host of new features, some of which bring it to parity with the Windows version and some of which are exclusive to the Apple platform.

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It's a must-have suite for Mac users. Review Now this is more like it. When the previous Mac version of Microsoft Office came out, we were happy to see that the entire suite had been rewritten to run under Mac OS X but dismayed that Now this is more like it.

How To Get 2019 Microsoft Office 100% FREE For Mac ! (Latest Version 2019)

When the previous Mac version of Microsoft Office came out, we were happy to see that the entire suite had been rewritten to run under Mac OS X but dismayed that beyond that there were no compelling reasons to upgrade. Thankfully, Microsoft Office for Mac has all the reasons we could ask for.

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It is loaded with far more new features than will fit in this review, some of which bring it to up-to-date with the Windows version and others of which are Mac firsts. The centerpiece of the suite is the new Project Center, an exclusive for now feature that helps you organize both large and small projects.

Simply click the Project Center button and then click to create a new project. You can then name the project, assign a deadline, create tasks within it, and create links to all related notes, documents, and contacts. When you're finished, everything relating to a project is stored in one central location. Projects can even be shared with coworkers. Entourage gains other useful improvements, such as better spam filtering, which works at least as well as Apple Mail's filtering, plus a simple archiving system for saving old messages or schedules.

The app also gains a three-column view as seen in Outlook , with folders and shortcuts on the left, Inbox messages in the center, and the messages' contents on the right. We like the quick view and easy navigation this setup affords. All in all, Outlook still offers more features such as the ability to place voting buttons in messages ; Entourage offers the core Exchange functionality but not all the extras Outlook users get.

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  5. Entourage's main competition comes from Apple's own Mail, Address Book, and iCal apps, which are preloaded on every new Mac. While the price is right, Entourage's various utilities are so thorough and well integrated that it puts Apple's efforts a distant second in quality. Word, the writer's staple, includes two notable improvements this time around.

    Students and other note-takers will love the new notebook layout view a Mac first , which mimics the look of lined notebook paper and makes is easy to type in well-organized notes and outlines.

    Office 2004 for Mac

    Notebook layout view has its own simplified toolbar and offers a quick way to record audio notes, which are linked to the original Word document but can also be detached. For business users, Microsoft has beefed-up Word's Track Changes feature, finally bringing it up to the level of the Windows version.

    One love-it-or-hate-it feature that comes over from the Windows version is the color-coded comment balloons, which announce who added which changes.

    Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

    Track Changes also now integrates with MSN Messenger, so that in the extremely rare case that everyone on a project uses Messenger, users can start IM sessions directly from the a Track Changes message. It's the small usability improvements to Word that won us over, though. We love the way that the program now asks how it should format pasted-in content, so that you can instantly put additions in your text style of choice.

    Or the way that the Formatting Palette becomes transparent when not in use but springs back to life when you mouse over it. PowerPoint, the giant among presentation tools, suffered an attack last year when Apple introduced Keynote, its own presentation app.

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    Keynote married PowerPoint's efficiency with Apple's own slick graphics and effects to create presentations that were truly eye-catching. This is PowerPoint's first chance to respond to Keynote and reinvigorate its tired business graphics, but it doesn't rise to the challenge. Configure Windows Home Network. If it useful.

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