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Fast, stable, great. But doesn't play nice with e. Feets keep rotating in sync with the hip axis. May be my fault, but with "legacy" MoccaIK and target vectors, they don't. So, again, nice to have, but doesn't fit my workflow. All in all, it's an excellent update that i'm very, very happy with. Here's hoping on the next maintenance update to smooth the edges. I've had major problems with this update.

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Cinema has hung on a number of animations right as it was about to complete the file. Today, it froze the entire system. I haven't had a system freeze since the OS9. Be careful saving any of your 9. This is not worth it! The release 9 features a whole lot of improvements, which i'm still discovering each time i use the program.

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Looking at the manual, and the tutorials on Maxon's web page, is highly recommended! The new HUD interface options went almost unnoticed by me, even though such nice things as side-floating sliders that stay with their objects are real time-savers when animating Seems to grow by leaps and bounds with every revision. C4D has always well okay, at least since I discovered it a year ago had the most flexible interface that makes it a joy to use, and has been heroically stable, unlike a lot of other apps I've used. And you don't need a dongle, woohoo! The 8.

ePMV Installation for Cinema4D r12 and r13 on a Mac

Utterly convenient. There's lots more in the upgrade than that, but that's the one I'm playing with the most right now. I was skeptical at first, but this is turning into a great 3D package. Great particles with pyrocluster and the dynamics too. Very impressed! For me, the update required a clean install right off the 8. This caused a few textures to "jump" in the animation where the switch from 8. Looks like there's some modification to the texture placing algorithms most likely to adapt Cinema to BodyPaint 2. Help and Support

This software gets better and better, and for something so complex it is one of the most stable apps I have ever seen. Fast beautiful renderer. Elegant and technical interface. I got my copy of Bodypaint3D v2 in today, and it came with the 8. Nicest 3D package going, bar none. This is a nice surprise. Home Solutions Forums.

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Solution home General FAQ. Most plugins come as a simple zip file, which contains everything the plugin needs. What about the new rigging in R12? Krodil , Nov 8, Joined: Mar 4, Posts: 1, It's still FBX - it just does it without you having to do it manually again. Paulius-Liekis , Nov 8, I see.

Joined: May 29, Posts: DeepShader , Nov 18, Typing this from my iPhone, sorry for being short. When you save it, it saves it as a default C4d document file. OR perhaps that is completely wrong really isn't even the point of what I meant to post. And this new plugin now does its magic, again I'm unsure of what that entails, but it works so far for me. And it was really cool to have it released early by the Unity team for users of C4d 12, even though it is in beta. Because so far it works for all things I have tried so far to use it for and it works great and is SO much easier than having to re-export each time and save-over the old file.

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I hope that makes some sense and helps someone If not, sorry - I usually just end up talking too much and confusing everyone around me. But if you are a Unity user AND also use the newest Cinema 4D version 12 apps together, I think you probably know already what I am talking about and how this helps all of us. Whew that was a lot more typing err finger-pecking then I thought it'd be. Joined: May 24, Posts: But you got it to run on R For me r I use the plugin because it allows me to use 64 bit c4d with Unity, and thus allow me to save my files natively without having to be in 32 bit mode in c4d.

Joined: Nov 5, Posts: First test works great with C4D R12 and Unity 3.