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Are Macs still that much of a minority, though? I know there's a lot of things that are still PC-based, but I felt like half the laptops I saw in college were MacBooks, which means those people are probably sticking with Macs beyond that I recently bought my second MacBook to replace mine from college, and even that one is still kicking but pretty slow. And Macs are pretty much the standard for graphic design. As far as I was told by the local college's computer department, most of their graphic design is done in Abode programs.

Windows and MAC have that.. They had some sort of falling out and since and Apple uses a lot of Intel Chips and Nvidia now and that is the same as Windows. No inherent advantage. Again this is explained to me by the person in charge of all the computers at my local college. Apple Marketing is really what the difference maker is. They can basically brainwash a lot of people into paying more if they just make it look a bit better and have some more minor upgrades to a system.

What really causes a lot of polarization is just that a lot of people myself included , see what parts they use with the computer vs how much they are charging and see that the mark up and the added value in parts doesn't add up to how much extra they charge vs a standard PC.

It's not just about the USA. It's the worldwide numbers. Apple combined is Didn't get any emails all weekend. Use wowway for internet, e-mail, etc. Went to log into wowway and it wouldn't accept my user name or password, Called tech support and they said my account is blocked since "one of my devices" is sending a virus. They want me to run antivirus on all devices then call them back. Avast for your Android device. Similar to how the spread of viruses gets halted among humans when a virus carrier is unable to transmit a virus because they only come in contact with vaccinated humans, IF the whole population is taking their vaccines.

Also, if one of the AV's detects and removes a virus, I'd be very interested in hearing which virus, and which device. All the other malware is installed by the owner. So why install bad stuff? Thanks for the feedback Bob. Here's what Wikipedia says though: "' Malware' is a general term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software. Computer viruses includes malware so we're all on the same page now. You may want to re-cast your question.

And before you ask, there is no know protection if the user installs the bad things.

Why this is, is very simple. The entire idea of the personal computer is to give you, the owner the capability to install anything. Let's see if I've got this straight. Macs don't get viruses but they can get malware.

Your Mac isn’t invulnerable to threats… Yet.

The term virus includes malware and the term malware includes viruses. Is that right? Sounds like something from Abbot and Costello! You have to nod and let them go on. Say something like a Xbox or PS3? If people just understood that they have to be careful, have a good up to date antivirus program, and make regular backups, the Windows architecture would be pretty viable.

Of course when you market something to millions, there're always going to be those who have to learn the hard way, and maybe a few who never learn. I've never had a Mac so I'm very naive about how they work. That's why I get confused when I read they don't get viruses but do get malware. I take it Macs are much more restrictive about what you can install on them.

Free Antivirus Download For Mac 11

I see Download. Sure, the Apple can get malware, trojans and such. But a virus has been defined as something that replicates and installs without the user helping. If folk redefine what a virus is, then you might not be able to help them but let's give that re-definition a few years and keep the definitions clean today for this discussion. I do use Apple things and don't use any antivirus because I have yet to find a virus. As to malware, I don't install bad things and I'm fine here.

You see folk asking if they need it for their Smart TV! Thanks, Bob, for being the only person to try to answer my question. I just wanted a layer of protection.

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My son is 10, and he is using this Mac mostly for watching Youtube videos of others playing Minecraft go figure or videos of Lego movies. He is playing with friends on Minecraft now on another computer, and I never thought I'd hear the words "There's cake on the toilet! So whatever protection you call it, it does not matter to me.

I'm a little leery of leaving the Mac unprotected.

Mac OS X Viruses and Antiviruses

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