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W hen I left the world of Linux a little over a year ago and transitioned to OS X full time, there were a few things I missed. Most notable of those was the abundance of high quality, easily installable icon sets built for Linux desktops- as well as highly configurable dock applications like Plank. While there are undeniably less options for this type of customization in modern OS X, I have good news for anyone that has been searching for a solution: options are out there. One of my favorite pastimes when using Linux was firing up a new distro, immediately getting to work making the desktop mine.

Of all the personal touches I would add, my favorite to configure and the most influential to the overall aesthetic of the OS, were the icons. Find it here. While fairly simple to turn off, it is something to take seriously.

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To disable SIP, follow the below:. You may read more about disabling SIP here. Paid Options:. Trust me.

Changing Your Login Icon | Customizing Your Mac with OS X Mavericks Custom Settings | InformIT

This is much faster than manually changing each icon in LiteIcon. To use the installation scripts, follow the tutorials on the download page, and watch his YouTube videos, here , for more detailed instruction. To enable these, XtraFinder is a great solution. Free Options:.

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The app icons are varied and creative. Where other sets may not have an icon for your new application, this one almost always will.

This set is free. Also comes with a circle-icon set, if you prefer one over the other.

Replacing the Icons

This icon set is on the smaller side, but is unique- the icons create a striking color gradient on your dock when applied assuming you use some of the same applications. Sketchy Icons — cool, hand-drawn style icons. Find them here. This can often be caused by that application updating, but can also be random.

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This is an unfortunate reality until Apple gives us a wider set of native configuration options. The default Mac dock is very.. In addition to launch services, OS X contains a few system caches that handle application icons so the system does not have to constantly pull them from programs you have installed.

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When done, reboot your Mac into Safe Mode hold the Shift key at startup and then restart normally. Note that after removing these caches and rebuilding the launch services, that you may have to open the programs again before the files these programs handle will regain their icons.

Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute

Conflicts for handling different files may occur if you have or have had multiple versions of the same program on your system. For instance, if a program was at version 1. Granted specifying these files to open within version 2. Finally, you might try reinstalling the programs you have for handling these files. A quick solution to this and similar problems is to re-download the program, or otherwise reinstall it.

Strange breaks, it seems to me that something went wrong with your copy pasting of a filepath to the ls register file.