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How to run a proximity marketing campaign without an app

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TUVIC Bluetooth Marketing 3.3

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AIRcable OS products do not require anything more that a power source, there's no need for a computer or dedicated equipment. Power sources can be wall power, batteries or even solar.

AIRcable XR devices are small in comparison to other solutions on the market. And, they are easily deployable. Fexmax is an advanced Bluetooth Advertising Software which you can use to promote and advertise your products, services and your organization in a cost effective way! With FexMax Pro you can build a network for your campaigns and you can control your advertising network from one central point. FexMax Pro is a multi functional and easy to use marketing software.

Cisco Intelligent Proximity

With its content generating wizard, FexMax Pro is much more easier to use. For more information follow this link www. Its feature list is growing every day thanks to the open source nature of the project. Pluggable application: Write your own plugin or get it from the web and modify OpenProximity functionality completely without breaking compatibility.

Smart Bluetooth Marketing Free Download

All Rights Reserved. Wireless Cables Inc. Proximity Marketing Well the name says it all. As you can image possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

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Example Train Station Schedules: Suppose you are near a train station, and you want to know which trains are getting there in the next 30 minutes and where they go.